About Internships

An internship may prove to be the most valuable practical application of your college education with respect to finding and securing your first professional position after graduation.

  • Those seeking an internship through Concordia will gain first-hand professional work experience.
  • Each internship is tailored around specific learning goals outlined in a learning contract designed by the student, the internship advisor and the hosting organization.
  • Connections with host organizations can be made through the Career Center and the various academic departments.
  • Your faculty, mentors and advisors are excellent sources for internship ideas and contacts.
  • Internships can be part- or full-time. Depending upon the nature of the internship, some can be completed during the academic year while others are more appropriately completed during the summer.

Students may receive academic credit for internship experiences and some are even paid. For further information about internships be sure to check back. We are adding on-line links to other resources for locating internships in your area of interest.