Child Care Needed this Summer

There is an opportunity for a summer job as a child care provider. If you are interested, then refer to the following description:

Days – Most Tuesdays throughout the summer

Time – 8am to 5:30pm

Pay – $13 per hour but negotiable

“Our 10-year-old daughter needs a sitter all day most every Tuesdays this summer. These are the days my wife and I both work. She has lots of interests including, arts, crafts, reading, swimming, bike riding, Irish dancing.

She’s an easy going and fun little girl.

Our vision is to have a sitter hang out with her on Tuesdays, make lunch together, work on some fun projects, go swimming (walk or drive) or do other fun things together.

This job has every potential to develop into a year-round Tuesday opportunity.”

Please call or text Jim 503-484-8993 or Joy 805-801-8425 if you are interested.