Male Room Host for Campus Tours


explorer-tour-guide-20451248Job Summary:  As a tour room host and overnight guest host, you are responsible for providing prospective students with one of their most important “first impressions” of Concordia. As a tour guide/room host, you are given the great benefit of guaranteed housing for the duration of the school year, but entrusted with the responsibility of keeping your room display-ready at all times.


Room Host Duties:

  • Keep your living quarters as clean and appropriate as if your grandma was coming over.
  • Be dressed appropriately when you are in the room during a tour time.
  • • Be willing to host overnight guests at the request of the visit coordinator.
  • Check your email and phone messages frequently, in case there are tours scheduled at times other than 9:00am, 11:00am, and 2:00pm.
  • Respond promptly to emails, phone messages and text messages from the visit coordinator.

Positions Available: 2

Shifts Needed to Cover: 9am, 11am, 2pm

To Apply: Please submit the Student Worker Application. The position is open until filled.

Hiring Manager: Jenni Vause

After School Nanny


NE Portland family is looking for an After School Nanny. for the last month of school — starting mid May through mid June.

Job Summary: The family has two boys, 3rd grade and kindergarten.  The selected person would need to have a car and be able to work 3pm-6pm, 3-5 days a week (negotiable) for the last month of school — starting mid May through mid June. Ideally, this person would be a Concordia student who could continue helping when school starts back up in the fall.

To Apply: If interested, contact Beth at (503) 970-7237 or

FedEx Express Material Handler

FedEx Express is looking to fill the position of Material Handler – USPS.

Job Summary: To provide safe and efficient operation of equipment used for the movement of packages/documents/heavyweight, dangerous goods and ULDS (Unit Load Device System). To assist in the buildup/breakdown of pallets containing heavyweight freight. Serve as liaison between company and ULD repair vendor, as required.


  • Operates mechanized ramp equipment, a majority of total time worked.
  • Meets aircraft and transports packages and freight to sort and heavyweight areas. Assists in ensuring aircraft, vehicles and containers are loaded/unloaded in a safe and efficient manner including dangerous goods, in accordance with proper packaging and freight handling techniques.
  • Ensures the safe, efficient buildup/breakdown of pallets. Ensures broken down freight is properly stored, staged and protected from the elements at all times.
  • Properly handles packages covered by regulatory requirements, such as handling live animals and perishable goods.
  • Separates packages by service type and destination, in accordance with established procedures. Reviews size and weight of packages to ensure conformance with service requested. Scans packages according to prescribed phasar/cosmos procedures.
  • Ensures all packages which cannot be sorted are staged as required in the operating plan, as needed.
  • Assists in completing all related paperwork and manifests in an accurate and timely manner. Datacomms information to the appropriate parties, as needed.
  • Performs clerical functions which may require a knowledge of general business and office procedures including maintaining follow-up files, answering phones, assembling materials for reports and composing letters.
  • Audits belly cards, container close-outs and bills of lading.
  • Maintains radio communication with appropriate personnel, as required.
  • In ULD position: ensures container repair plan is followed daily. Performs quality checks on vendor repairs. Maintains ULD asset log in famis. Serves as liaison between company and ULD vendor.

To Apply: To access more information about this position, please advance to and use the search feature to find the position.

FedEx Express Handler at Portland International Airport

FedEx Express is looking to fill the position of Handler.

Job Summary: To provide movement of packages, documents, dangerous goods and/or supply support in a timely, safe and efficient manner through effective scan/load methods.The position is non-DOT at the Portland International Airport with both USPS AM and PM position opportunities available.


  • Ensures the use of safety procedures when handling packages. Load/unload aircraft containers and company vehicles in a safe and efficient manner. Ensures all cargo is properly secured.
  • Locates sorting information on packages. Using phasar/cosmos trackers, scans and sorts packages according to service type and destination, in compliance with established procedures.
  • Scans packages according to prescribed procedures. Remains current on phasar/cosmos tracking methods and shipping requirements as needed.
  • Completes systematic transactions such as: stocking, receiving, transfers, returns, etc. when assigned to stock supply area. When in stock supply: maintains inventory of personal uniforms and safety equipment in accordance with corporate standards.
  • Scans materials for system records match, packaging and obvious physical damage/defects, following established policies/procedures for disposition if required. Performs inventory stock audits when assigned to stock supply area.
  • Manual secondary: manually sorts packages/documents to appropriate slide, line, belt and/or container for final distribution.
  • Cleans company vehicles, repair and paint drop boxes to ensure compliance with corporate appearance standards.

To Apply: To access more information about this position, please advance to and use the search feature to find the position.

Holy Cross Catholic School Teaching Positions

Holy Cross Catholic School is looking to fill the following positions:

  • Kindergarten: Fulltime, benefits provided, Catholic required
  • 1st grade: Fulltime, benefits provided, Catholic required
  • PE: 80%, benefits provided, Catholic preferred

For additional information, contact Julie Johnson, Holy Cross’ principal, at

To Apply: Candidates should send Julie Johnson ( a cover letter, resume, and list of references.